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So I've been experimenting with possible alternate greys painted screens. I used the basic N8 , N8+25%poly, BW, BW+25%UPW,

I ditched the N8's, didn't like those, but the BW+25%UPW seemed promising, so I took that a step further and went BW+25%UPW+25% AAA. That really made the whites POP, but did have the effect of muting the blacks.

So I decided to go hard core Dark Grey , and try some other Auto Air products. Tried Metallic Silver and Pear Silver mixed with CIL Granite Grey(Smart Wash/Wear3 88100base)with is around a N6.75 grey. Too dark for those added pigments.

So I decided to try different mix.

From the standard BW mix of 32oz of Behr 4580 UPW mixed Bermuda Beige, added to that 8 oz of AAA.

For my test pieces I took 8 oz of BW + 2oz Granite Grey +2oz AAA+2ozAuto Air Silver Pearlescent. Mixed it together and rolled 2 coats on my sample board.

I must say the results are not that bad at all. The blacks are pretty much the same as BW, if not slightly lighter and the whites are definitely brighter than BW.

If anyone tries this and likes the result do me a favour and call this mix "Grey Goose" as its grey and a Canadian (goose) thought of it. I'm not saying its a finished product as I'm going to try some silver pearlescent from Home Depot instead of the Auto Air ones on my next test sample.

I took a few test shots you can find them here:





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What was it about the N8+25% Satin Poly you did not like?

Do you have any comparison shots of them?

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Well I used Varathane Satin not the Poly Satin by Minwax
My Home depot didnt sell anything smaller than a quart in the Minwax.

Yes there was a difference btwn BW/ N8/N8+poly. The N8+poly was indeed brighter than the BW but the blacks really took a hit. A friend of mine really didn't like the look and said the N8 was a better choice for the blacks, or keep my original BW.

Here is comparison of the Grey Goose vs BW+25%UPW+25%AAA

You can see my original BW screen on the sides of the 2 test panels. Grey Goose on Left, BW(uber) on Right

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