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Possible to convert S-video cable to usb?

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I have just recently overhauled my entire htpc and moved it into the entertainment center from the kitchen. There are of course a bunch of cable runs still in the wall. I am using the cat5 that was the network cable to transport the vga signal so I can still have a monitor in the kitchen, and I'm using the rca cables to keep speakers there as well. I have an s-video cabel that I can't think of any use for, but I would love to have a usb hub in that cabinet for pda, digital camera, etc.

I am almost certain this is impossible, but does anyone know if i could somehow convert the s vid cable to a usb cable, or into a "cat5" cable that i could then put a usb extender on?

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USB uses differential signaling so it should use twisted pair. If the run is short enough, you may bet USB 1.0 to work at the lowest speed but I really doubt USB 2.0 would work on any length of S-video cable.

I sugest sending emails to the support desks of some of the cable companies that are sponsers of this fourm and ask for advice. One of them may have a custom adapter available or at least they should be able to tell you if it is possible due to the construction/shielding of the S-Video cable.
Leviton makes a snap-in s-video jack (leviton part number 40734-svw) that uses cat5 wiring - but i do not think you can transport the signal thru a usb hub.
good info, thanks for the tips! i'm pretty sure even if i could get this to work, it would be kludgy and probably $$, plus i remembered that my digicam has a video out, so i could use that s-vid line to display to the tv in the next room.

thanks again!
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