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Possible to play games like Quake 3 in high res?

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I am wondering if it is possible to play computer games in higher resolution than the VGA 640x480. I have hooked up my computer before via VGA but it just was not good enough quality for me.

My TV does not have a DVI input. It is a Mitsu 65907.

Is there a way to play Quake 3 in say 1280x720 or another higher resolution?

Thank you.

My computer specs are:

P4 2.5Ghz

ATI 9700 Pro

1 gig RAM

Audigy 2
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Is your TV HD? If not, you're limited to 640x480 anyway! You could select a higher resolution but the VGA-to-NTSC circuitry would have to scale down to 640x480...

If you have an HDTV, however, you should try searching for "quake" and "games" -- there are lots of discussion threads already.
Yes, it is HD.

I tried to do a search but the function was not working...will try again.
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