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Post processing a DVD-R?

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I remember seeing a post somewhere around here discussing a program that would do this, but haven't been able to find it with multiple searches.

When backing up a DVD, I've noticed that the lower bitrate tends to give a bit of a "fuzziness" or noise in some scenes. It's not macroblocking, just generally "noise."

Is there some program you can use to go through the DVD-R and generally sharpen the picture and take away this digital noise? It seems like ffdshow can do things like this in real time for the playback, but I'm interested in permanently changing the source data on DVD backups so that they look better on playback in any standalone DVD player.
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How are you backing up the DVD? Which encoder are you using?
I usually use DVD Decrypter then DVD Shrink since most movies are coming on dual layer disks these days.

I've searched and searched for that thread, but using general terms like "processing" "DVD" etc. yield so many results it's impossible to sift through them. It was a fairly large thread, with a guide on how to re-encode the DVD MPEG2 files with filters. Even had nice pictures of the results.
I think I found the thread I remember reading a few weeks ago:


Looks like I wasn't paying attention, as that thread talks about Avisynth LimitedSharpen being used during playback. I found a few mentionings of it being able to be used to preprocess the DVD(before playback, I'm guessing during encoding), but nothing real firm.

I have a HTPC, but I like playing my DVDs through my standalone player because it's just much easier/less hassle. The HTPC looks better, but oh well, my soundcard won't let me pass through Dolby Digital 5.1, so that's no good.
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