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Specific unit-Onkyo TX-NR709

I can't seem to find info explaining this, curious if others experience this or understand what is truly happening.

During movies with a 5.1 discrete audio track - ripped to AC3 or DTS - streamed. I notice in Direct mode the audio is very clear but not super "dynamic" or "alive." However when using PLIIz or PLIIx (I have both speaker setups) the audio gets much more alive and dynamic and there is somewhat more of a underlying noise floor, whether its enhanced ambiance, overall volume, or enhanced subwoofer usage.

I always understood that those post-processed listening modes just matrixed additional channels from 2 or 5.1 sources...not that they added any effect or eq'ing to the track. But that is what I am experiencing. The volume is louder, more midrange dynamics (whether good or bad) and more subwoofer usage.

So does anyone know what the post-processing modes actually do beyond expand channels? Because switching between Direct (through) and the other modes, they are not just matrixing more channels.

Note - I do this while Audyssey is disabled and no other added enhancements are on (LOUDNESS modes etc...).
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