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poster management and display

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While I search the archives for poster box construction, does anyone out there have a good detailed lighted poster box plan to follow? Also, how do you folks manage your posters when not in use?
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Here are my plans:

homemade backlit DS poster lightbox

However, my updated frames use 2x3 for frame instead of 2x4,

real glass for front instead of plexiglass,

cord is now hidden by using recessed clock receptacle (on dimmer) behind frame,

I now use 48' ropelight instead of 24'.

I keep my unused posters in a tube.
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I store my posters in cardboard art portfolio boxes. They weren't real cheap, but it was worth it. I keep the boxes under a bed in the guestroom out of the way. Couple of the benefits of this type of storage is the posters can lay flat, which makes it easier to change out in the lightbox. The other is I've found that getting posters in and out of the poster tubes has a higher risk of damage (especially to the edges).
For storage, I use poster tubes that I saved from posters ordered over the net. Works pretty well.
Tubed. It would be nice to have the space for a board rack like they have at art and frame stores, but no space!

i keep unused posters and mylars in a rollaway type box under the bed . they are easier to work with than being rolled.
In my list of DIY projects.... I completed this plan and bought all the hardware about 9 mos. ago, but I've just haven't gotten around to building it... been watching too many movies.

Anyway, I've incorporated a sliding drawer for my posters into the bottom of my concession stand design, so they'd lay flat. This is a countertop concession stand. Candy display is on the left and a popcorn area above a microwave on the right. The concession stand will be right next to my 3 marquees, so it will be very convenient for changing the posters.

Currently, (until I build the concession stand) all my posters are draped over a short wall in my theater. The wall has a rounded top, so it doesn't cause any creases in the posters.
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Here's a side view. I've got a sloped ceiling, so the concession stand is butted up to that ceiling.

Note the Goobers, Whoppers, and Milk Duds to scale.

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I keep my posters stored flat between 2 pieces of masonite - kind of a makeshift art portfolio. Finding a place to keep it laying flat is the challenge - so I just have it laying on top of a stack of comic book boxes (I have about 4,000 comics in my collection). Comics are also a pain to store - so I'm trying to kill 2 birds with one stone...

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