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So I was getting really irritated by this issue and noticed that no one yet found a fix. I searched for days but I think I finally found the issue. I eventually searched for the term "Dropping Out" instead of "Cutting Out" and came up with a few new results which basically indicated that the issue is caused by 2.4ghz interference from other devices. I switched my WIFI router to channel 11 in the admin interface and I've been going strong for about 30 minutes now without any cutting out of the subwoofer! Others indicated that running a router on N in 5ghz mode also cleared the issue up, but this wasn't an option for me because I have so many 2.4ghz only devices.


Also, there's a power cord wrap for the soundbar that comes with all soundbar kits, this is supposed to further reduce interference. Try it out. Between these two fixes, my subwoofer is finally not cutting out anymore.


Please can others who have this same issue of the Subwoofer cutting out please test this (change channel or frequency) and report back. Thanks!!!
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