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An LG 50" PA650T (UK 50PA650) landed on my bench for repair today with no picture. Top buffer board is burnt. What is the cause?

The delicate orange ribbons going into the plasma panel are rubbing against the frame. This is one of those razor thin bezel TVs. The bezel has a screw post right next to the ribbon, and the screw has rubbed into the ribbon, damaging the ribbon and eventually the top buffer board.

This can occur if:

- you lift the TV by the sides, flexing the frame slightly

- you/kids bump into the frame.

- the TV is twisted if it has a swivel stand.

- frame is compressed on one side.

- during transport.

Doing any of these can damage the ribbon which is essentially the same as smashing the screen - it is non-repairable!

What you will see: for about 30 minutes before the failure a line about 8 pixels wide not lighting up running from left to right, followed by eventually no picture.

Affects 2012 and 2013 series LG, 50" so far confirmed, but would not be surprised if 42" and 60" also affected. The panel is the same in the 2012 and 2013 models (at least for entry-line): PDP50R4/PDP60R4 (50" and 60" respectively.)

Not yet confirmed if it affects any 2014 models, if available.

Be careful with razor thin sets!
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