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Ran into this problem - did a search and found one quasi similar post http://www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/showt...&threadid=9889

A bit of background:

I had some time this weekend so I began wiring my HT and 2ch gear in a shared "media room". I have a solid state Kinergetics KBA75 class A amp for my 2 ch listening and an solid state Acurus 200Five for the HT. When I turn off the Acurus 200Five it still plays for a while depending on the volume from the processor. I assume these are the capacitors discharging.

When I have both amps on at the same time, I get a hum / buzzing from the Kingertics as heard through the speakers with no signal (and with signal). It doesn't matter if the amps are on the same breaker or seperate breakers. Of course if I pull out the RCA plugs going into the Kinergetics no more hum/buzz.

I turned off the Acurus and then turned on my Kinergetics I get the same buzz from the Kinergetics for about a period a bit longer than if I turned off the Acurus to let it play out to the speakers to discharge the caps. In this scenario, the buzz fades out over this time period. Once the Acurus's caps are discharged no more hum on the Kinergetics. Moved the amps to seperate breakers no difference. If I immediately turn off the Acurus and then immediately turn off the power bar it is attached to - then the hum disappears from the Kinergetics.

So it seems that if the caps along with some possible ground loops are causing this. Realisitically, I would not have a situation where I would be using both amps at the same time even though some of the source components are shared:

CD (coax)>DAC>preamp, CD analog>pre/processor

tuner>preamp, tuner to pre/processor.

preamp tape out> HT PC line in, HT PC (toslink)>pre/processor

If there is an easy quick for this I'm open to suggetions but if there isn't, it is a problem I can live with. The workaround is wait about two to three minutes before firing up the 2 ch system once the HT system has been used and powered off.
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