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I'll keep this short and sweet and set the scenario with a few dot points

*7.1 setup, new Monitor Audio Gold on order
*Existing Yamaha RX-V3071( 3010 )
*150watt pc in stereo already, but not a lot of good priced multi channel power amps with more than that per channel.
*Australia...Emotiva is not an option, choices are Marantz, Anthem.


If I buy a multichannel power amp ( within a reasonable price ) there will be no power increase for stereo applications, but in multichannel all channels will have more power.


There is 2 and 3 channel Anthem options which give 200 and 180 watt per channel with all channels driven into 8ohms.

If I get the 2 channel one will the receiver be supplying enough power to the surrounds and centre to avoid compression etc at high volume, or is it generally accepted that if the fronts are out of the equation that there is more than enough power.

I know people will say it depends on the room, but if I am going to be buying a power amp I want it to go above and beyond what I have now because my room size is only going to increase in time.

I can get a marantz 140 watt ( 2 or 5 channel....both rated at 2 channels driven ) or a marantz 150 watt pc ( 7 channels, rated at 2 channels driven ) power amp but as said above, it would offer no power advantage in 2 channel mode.

I saw a review site state that the 7 channel marantz one is approx. 100watt per channel, all channels driven.

The 180watt pc Anthem 3 channel power amp is $2999 and the 100watt pc 7 channel marantz is $3999.

What would you get/are multi channel power amps pointless?


Anthem MCA 20


Anthem MCA 30


Marantz MM7025


Marantz MM7055


Marantz 8077

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