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I'm new to the world of hifi and just bought a pair of diapason adamante 3 used. My father donated a Thule PR-250-B and an Sansui au-x711 and I am using a HTPC as my audio source.

I listen to jazz, blues and classical music in that order. I do listen to other genres but then it is more hearing it and not so much listening going on if you know what I mean.

What I am after in my listening is detail, clarity and a sense of space.

I am considering getting rid of the Sansui I am currently using as a power amp through balanced xlr-inputs and replacing it with something else. I would appreciate if anyone could suggest an amp or two or just point me in a direction.

Is e.g the Rotel RB-1090 or Parasound Halo A 21 something to consider. I could get these second hand for $1500 and $2000 respectivly. I live in Norway and the market for hifi is a bit smaller and more expensive than say the US.

I could of course buy something new, but bang for buck is what is most important to me...and the, as always, unforgiving WAF.

Thank you for reading!
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