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Power amp recommendations

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i need a couple of recommendations regarding integrated amplifiers, in the hi fi world i am new and my knowledge is limited.My currently setup is b&w cm6 s2 and b&w pv1d sub connected to onkyo tx-nr656 avr. i meant to install in the future In my setup b&w 702 s2 so i would like to buy a good amplifier which will be good for me on this system right now and in the future when i get new speakers.Employees who are working in better store in Croatia where im from they are suggesting me rotel ra 1592 and pathos classic one mk3 and that fits into my budget which is max 3000$,in same store classe sigma amp2 is on big sale,current price is somewhere below 2000$.My primary plan was to buy new avr,but then i saw there was none avr with hdmi 2.1, and I've read in many places that good amp is much better solution then avr for music listening.

any recommendation will be welcomed,and sry for bad english
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Of the three components you mentioned, you cannot use the Classe because it is a power amp only, not an integrated amp. To make a power amp function you would still need to purchase a preamp, which has controls (such as volume) and inputs to connect sources.

The two integrated amps listed could not be more different. It is a choice between a minimalist tube (valve) unit and a feature-packed solid-state unit that has many digital connections. If you want great flexibility and do not need HDMI connections, the Rotel would be an excellent choice.

Note that I have not heard any of the stated components, so I cannot comment on sound quality.

Good luck!
You are welcome.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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