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power consumption of AVRs

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I was reading and the power consumption of AVRs are somewhere between 5-7 amps. I was wondering if that is only when you play it pretty much a full blast volume? I was reading the denon thread and it says when it is on it draws about 100Ws but didn't say what volume it was playing or at all.

e.g. if I want to power a couple of smaller speakers in another zone. I wouldn't want to use like 800Ws to do this..
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A receiver will draw some power even when there's no signal. This varies a lot. Call it 50 watts, but it could be more or less. A budget receiver with no video processing or any other fancy circuitry probably is less than 50 watts when sitting idle.

A receiver will start drawing more power as you raise the volume level. Some receivers will list power consumption figures.

A low powered receiver might have a max power consumption of 300 watts. A more powerful receiver might have a max power consumption of 1000 watts. But these are max's which you would be highly unlikely to hit.

Under "normal" needs for music, you probably draw less than 5 watts / channel. For two channels, and 50% efficiency, you need under 20 watts just to run the amp.

I would figure, for normal use, a budget receiver should draw under 100 watts, but that's a guess.
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