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Power DVD using too much CPU power

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I'm using an AMD 64 2800, ATI 9600, and Power DVD 6 which is outputting 720x480. I am unable to use ffdshow since the CPU usage is between 30-50% already. I can't even do a 2x resize...

Is anyone using powerdvd 6 codecs successfully with zoomplayer/ffdshow? If so please enlighten me!
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make sure to use blur and nr before resize. You have plenty of computer to resize. I had smoother video switching from powerdvd6 to dscaler5 audio & video codecs.
This is the CPU usage BEFORE using ffdshow...

And it can't handle simple resize only much less doing blur and anything else!

I simply cannot figure out why DVD playback is using so much cpu power. Is it the 720x480 image size coming out of the codec? What is the image size that ffdshow reports to you before doing resize.

If some people would turn off ffdshow processing and simply tell me what cpu usage they are getting with plain powerdvd 6 codec output I would really appreciate it.
Is this a problem that requires a computer re-format?

It appears that windvd also uses similar cpu power... I can't ffdshow with ANY damn codec.

There MUST be something wrong here that I can't identify.

This is occuring regardless of which PLAYER I use as well... this is not just in zzom player.

direct x9 problem or something?
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Potentially "stupid" question, but you did check Task Manager or something to make sure it was actually the DVD player software process that's eating your CPU?

When I watch DVDs before I go to bed, I bring my laptop upstairs. My laptop has an abysmal Trident 32M video chip on it. It eats more CPU than my main system running a GeForce 4. Maybe video drivers or something in your case?

that seems like way to much cpu utilization for powerdvd

my 2.8 ghz pentium uses about 7% cpu utilization.

is something else running in the background that is chewing up processor cycles?

as above..check the task manager an see what else is running.
as long as playback is off, no cpu cycles are being used according to task manager.

The only other things I have running at any given time is a virus checker (turning this off made no difference) and powerstrip. Updating to the more recent catalyst drivers made no difference.

I run a VERY minimalistic system to try and avoid these types of issues... go figure.

As a side note, when I first got this computer and was using ffdshow, it worked quite well for 1280 x 720 resize... now I can't do it anymore. weird.
Well I solved my problem..... I'm just sure not why this is a fix for this problem.

With the Blur & NR section turned on, everything works perfectly with reasonable CPU usage and resize to 1440x720.

When I turn OFF the Blur & NR section, for some reason the CPU usage goes UP.... this seems like odd behavior to me. I'm not sure what the BLUR/NR section is doing that allows for less cpu usage. This makes no sense.

Anyway... things are working for the time being.
thats the proble m i was having, thats why i said you have to use blur&nr first. I dont understand it either, but its working good for me know.
Thats why everyone says have something , anything before resize, theres a bug in ffdshow or something I remember reading. One process needs to be before, aka higher up above resize or it kills cpu.
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