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I don't think I posted these yet. Some are no doubt the same as previous versions, but since I grabbed all these for myself I figured it may be of use to others as well.

Pause -----------Space Bar-Pauses playback

Step Backward ---Ctrl-B----Goes to previous frame

Previous---------P---------Returns to previous chapter

Stop-------------S---------Stops playback

Step Forward-----T---------Goes to next frame

Play-------------Enter-----Plays media

Next-------------N---------Jumps to next chapter

Volume Controls--(+,Q,-)---Increase, mute or decrease volume

Minimize---------Ctrl-N----Minimizes user interface to taskbar

Power Off--------Ctrl-X----Exits PowerDVD

Help-------------F1--------Accesses online help

About------------Ctrl-A----Displays information about PowerDVD

i-Power----------F3--------i-Power takes you to the Internet directly

Capture Frame----C---------Captures video content as bitmap image files

Go Up------------R---------Goes up to previous section when navigating DVD title menu selections

Audio Stream-----H---------Switches among available audio streams

Subtitles--------U---------Switches among available subtitles during playback

Menu-------------L---------Accesses all available menus

Full Screen------Z---------Switches to full screen and back to windows mode

Configuration----Ctrl-C----Configuration settings are all located here

Eject------------Ctrl-E----Ejects discs from CD/DVD-ROM drive

Select Source----Ctrl-O----Selects media source for playback

Skin Toggle------Ctrl-T----Toggles between maximized and minimized skin

Menu/Number Pad--/---------Activates/inactivates Menu/Number Pad

Karaoke----------K---------Switches among karaoke modes

Angle------------A---------Switches among available angles if any

Repeat-----------Ctrl-R----Repeats titles, chapters, songs, etc.

Bookmarks--------Ctrl-F2---Adds bookmarks for specific DVD scenes

Go to Bookmarks--F2--------Directly goes to bookmarked scenes

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Thanks hmcgrath.

This will surely help when I setup max10.

I thought these would help too....

Fast Forward-----F---------Fast Forward

Fast Backward----B---------Fast Backward

AB Repeat (X)

Zoom In (F6)

Zoom Out (F7)
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