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for the last 6-7 years i've been running my jvc mxgt90 mini system pretty hard, and the other day i heard a loud popping noise, and now it produces no sound - everything works normally but no sound output.

1st Q - any idea what blew? repairable? (i doubt it is worth it)

2nd Q - the speakers are still fine, and i like the sound, and especially the bass they produce. i'm struggling to find a receiver to power these because they are bi-amped and need a lot of power. is there a receiver that would be suitable? i think a dedicated receiver is my only option and wouldn't mind starting a real home theater setup. budget is 2-300??

the speakers say:

-160w subwoofer

-70w main speaker

-both 6ohms

any suggestions please and thank you!!

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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