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i was curious to know some of the different power saving features you guys are using with your htpc's. i often find myself turning off the computer to not only save power, but becuase of the general noise the pc makes. i havent had much time to get into quieting the pc yet, so i figured using power features work 2 fold. i use my htpc for mp3 playing mostly at this point.

my system:

asus p3b-f with a p3 800 with latest update

1 20gig hd (os drive)

1 60gig hd (mp3 library)


agp video w/fan

wireless nic card

sb live sound card.

300 watt power supply w/fan


no case fans

are you using bios power settings? windows control panel power settings? can one effectively cut 1/2 or more of the power consumption by using these features?
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