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Power screen activated by Bell and 880 remote at random.

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Hello everyone!

I have a Da-LiteCosmopolitan Electrol power screen. I can be using either my 880 Harmony remote or my 9200 Bell PVR remote, surfing through the channels, and all of a sudden the power screen will start going up. I have tried taking the profile out of the Harmony and it makes no difference. I really would appreciate some ideas on how I could rectify this. I believe that the Harmony is IR and the 9200 remote is RF. The Cosmo screen is IR also.

I also utilize a repeater. I have taken it out of the equation, but it makes no difference. Unplugging the IR of the screen stops the problem, but then it is turned up and down by switch. Thats OK, but kinda defeats the purpose of the Harmony...

There was an occasion or two before where the screen would just go up or down without even touching any remote. This hasn't happened for awhile, now.

I was hoping to be able to plug into the 12 volt trigger of the Panasonic 900 projector, but they neglected to put it in that model. Curses...

Any thoughts or ideas???
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