Do you seek the ultimate in bass reproduction from an American-made subwoofer? If so, Power Sound Audio has a solution for you: The S7201 ($3999), a 4000-watt (RMS) beast containing four 18" drivers. The company makes the boldest of claims regarding its capability, stating the S7201 provides "absolute best-in-class performance from an American made subwoofer."

This is no compact "lifestyle" sub. It's an industrial tool of the trade, weighing in at 295 pounds and measuring 55" H x 22" W x 36.5" D (it can be placed horizontally or vertically). The size and weight of this sealed sub are both necessities because the heavily-braced, CNC-machined, void-free Baltic Birch enclosure encapsulates four 18" subwoofer drivers.

The design of the S7201 reaps the benefits of using both force-cancelling and push-pull configurations. The result is a subwoofer that provides explosive output while keeping driver distortion and cabinet vibrations to a minimum.

The specifications are quite impressive. This sub offers an anechoic response of 15 Hz to 160 Hz (+/-3 dB), with extension into single-digit Hz. Even considering its MSRP, like Power Sound Audio's other subs, once you do the math in terms of extension and output, it's clear that there is a tremendous price/performance value to be found. After all, you are getting four top-quality, 18", 1000-watt subs in one.

The 4000-watt RMS amplifier provides 8000 watts of peak output and has built-in DSP. Power Sound Audio provided the following graph (showing its immunity to dynamic compression) to illustrate the S7201's potential.

But the real kicker is what PSA co-founder Tom Vodhanel told me about peak output potential: "Scaled to CEA-2010, I can say that in the 60 HZ to 100hz average, we're >140dB." and added "It should not really surprise anyone, we've been saying it's equal to two S3601s all along, more or less."

Currently, the Power Sound Audio S7201 is available for preorder at a reduced price of $3,499. This includes shipping within the continental United States. It comes in PSA's signature textured satin black finish, and is sure to rock the world of home theater enthusiasts brave enough to incorporate so much firepower into their home theater. And for anyone who buys one or more of these subs for a 2-channel audio system, that's the baller move right there.

Anyhow, thanks to Power Sound Audio, it would appear there is a new sub in town that competes with the A-list occupied by the likes of Danley, JTR, Seaton, and various over-the-top DIY designs. It's the sort of product that makes this hobby exciting (and hobbyists giddy), so it'll be interesting to see/hear how it performs once it ships; the expected ship date is August 18.