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Power Supply/Conditioner

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Has anyone ever built a power conditioner/supply DIY? I'm not willing to spend thousands of dollars for a small (depends on who you ask, I know) improvement, but, I would be willing to build something myself for $200-500. Just wondering.

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I you search around, you can find power conditioners on decommisioned industrial control systems. I protect my HT equipment with a 2KVA Sola MRC Series voltage regulator. It was on a piece of equipment outside of a manufacturing plant. I asked the plant manager how much he wanted for it. He said to take it before the equipment was scrapped. This regulator not only protects my equipment against brownouts but also neutralizes 60 HZ harmonics. The toys that are sold to consumers can't touch this device. And it didn't cost me a dime.
Nothing but nothing beats huge hunks of iron for regulation and

spike removal.

Here is my latest acquisition.


and what is inside


For sizing, the bricks on the walls are 12 inches wide...

total price, 3 beers. One for each of the 3 people i used to

help me get the thing off the wall. Its heavy.

Can run most of a house on this one (10kw)
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That's really impressive. Did you wind the transformer yourself? Or is it a component from a partial accelerator? It sure beats my Sola. I bet it runs cooler too.

Kevin, exactly what type of tranformer is this?....I know it's a toroid, but what are it's characteristic electrical properties?.....isolation?

Or is it a component from a partial accelerator? It sure beats my Sola. I bet it runs cooler too.

You mean particle accelerator. We have a bunch of them at fermi. They

make this thing look tiny. How cool it runs depends on how much

power you are putting thru it. At 10kw rated, it is 95% efficient which

means 500 watts is going into heat. Which is why there is a fan in

the cabinet. Still efficiency wise, beats the crap out of solid state

power regenerators. Reliability wise, this thing will last 100 years.

Something no power regenerator can do.

The transformer is either made by, or made for equi=tech. Bifilar wound.

Maybe gapped, don't know. 120hz harmonics down more than 80db.

Even a square wave in results in a sine wave out. Isolation rated

at 120db. I'm told the purchase price was about $4000. Cheap for

what it does.
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??? If it passes a square wave how does it block spikes? Both have high frequency components.
It does not pass a square wave. Thats the point.


Even a square wave in results in a sine wave out

I always test items like this with a square wave just to

see how good they really are.
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Sorry, I thought:

"Even a square wave in results in a sine wave out"

Meant that if a square wave signal was sent to the primary it would come out on the secondary.
So, any thoughts on how to build one from scratch? Or from scrap like stant843 mentioned? Thanks.
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