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I currently have two HTPC's. One is in the Den hooked to my 50" Plasma and is controlled by the Hauppauge 45 button remote. My other HTPC is in my basement hooked to a Dell 3400MP Projector showing on a 120" diagonal screen.

I use Media Portal on both machines and XP Pro SP3.

I am having trouble getting correct usage of the mce remote on PowerDVD which I can launch from inside MediaPortal. I followed the missingremote article about getting PowerDVD to "behave well" with MCE Remote and installed the program LMRemote, with the special script file compiled by the people at missing remote.

The MCE remote I have is apparently a generic Hong Kong ebay special, though the IR Receiver is HP.

The problem I'm having is in the basic playing of a DVD. Pressing DVDMenu key does not bring up the DVD menu so I have to use a mouse to get the menu to show. Furthermore, once the DVD menu shows up there is no way I can find to highlight my choice in the menu on the MCE Remote. The arrow switches do not cause any area to shine up showing it's a choice and hitting the OK key does nothing.

Oddly enough, I tested out HDDVD's on it and it does the advance HDDVD menus, but won't do basic DVD menus.

Can someone help or point me to the answer?


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