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I'm having a strange issue with powerdvd 8 ultra. Old version 8.0.1730.50 recognized my audio and video hardware without problems:

However, after updating to the latest patch (8.0.3017b.50), the settings are now greyed out/don't appear/don't stick and I can't change them anymore. Furthermore, trying to play any blu-ray causes "Unsupported format" error:

There is zero difference in hardware or drivers between the two installs. Drivers are up to date.

My relevant specs:

Vista x64 Ultimate SP2

Monitor: Dell 2407WFP Rev A03

Video: EVGA GTX 285 Forceware 190.38

Sound: Creative X-FI Fata1ity X-FI Driver: 2.18.0013

BD-Drive: Pioneer BDR-203BKS

I have tried installing the trial version of PowerDVD9 and I still get the unrecognized hardware issue.
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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