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PowerDVD Help

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I just installed PowerDVD 6 Trial and when I start the program I get an hour glass for a couple of seconds and nothing. I can see the process(s) running in task manager but the interface never comes up. I can play a DVD through Windows Media Player and NeroVision, but PowerDVD won't come up. Any ideas?
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Try uninstalling PowerDVD and then re-installing it.
OK....I am really wierded out.

I didn't have any luck last night with this program. I uninstalled, reinstalled, rebooted without success. I just gave up and went to bed. This morning, I turn on the computer and give it a shot and bang it comes right up and works like a champ. Maybe a complete shutdown was needed for some strange unexplainable reason.
That is a computer for you.

I have had the very same thing happen to me several times before.

I have even opened a Witch Doctor business for repairing computers, doing quite well, have even performed a few exercisoms.

That scariest part about it is that I work on workstations and networks as my profession and I can't explain what happened.
i've got an issue with powerdvd 6 deluxe. When I try to play a dvd-audio disc i get the message 'obtaining CPPM key.' no big deal. Next it says 'click ok' to connect to the internet to obtain the cppm key. I'm have dsl? I just keep clicking ok, and nothing? i finally hit cancel where i get the message a cppm key can't be obtained and the material will not be played, or at least played at the dvd-audio rez.

also, this is the deluxe version and dts doesn't seem to play back.

any ideas?

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