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I have a copy of PowerDVD with BluRay support. I just bought my first BluRay disc to try it out on my Sony BD drive (PC running WinXP Pro, DVI connected widescreen LCD).

When insert my disc, PowerDVD opens and the movie starts playing. Then suddenly, I get an error (0122) telling me my PC "cannot playback protected content."

If I move the movie window to the upper left corner, I can watch the movie play... though it hiccups every few seconds as another error dialog gives the the same warning. After about a minute, my Start bar is filled with error dialog links. Closing them stops the movie.

How do I get rid of this annoying error (short of buying a new HDMI monitor)?

(Note: Another thread suggested connecting a second monitor to my Radeon's second DVI port and disabling the second display... some sort of protection bug. I did, but the problem persists.)
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