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PowerDVD not keeping "use SPDIF" setting

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Only PowerDVD 5 plays out to my Turtel Beach optical. PDVD 6 and 7 play only in prologic. Each time I select "use spdif" it does nothing - then I open up the config again and it's back to "2 channles".

Under cofig/info - it says
Player Information:

Player Region Code: Not Specified

Current Drive: E:

Title Region Code: Not Available

Audio Attributes: Not Available

Hardware Information:

Processor: Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU running at 2579 MHz

3DNow! Technology: Not Detected

Enhanced 3DNow! Technology: Not Detected

3DNow! Professional Technology: Not Detected

IA MMX Technology: In Use

IA Streaming SIMD Extensions: In Use

IA SSE 2: In Use

Video Accelerator: DirectX VA (not in use)

Multispeaker Audio Device: C-Media Wave Device (not in use)

SPDIF Output Device: Not Detected
Why would powerDVD 5 work but not 6 or 7? Any known way of making it see it?

I'm typing this on my new 42 RP LCD.


(I would just like to use VLC for everything, but VLC does the same thing. PowerDVD 5 seems to crash a lot - but a least my receiver shows all speakers)
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Nm. I have discovered Zoomplayer.

works great.
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