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Just a warning to any longtime PowerDVD customers. Cyberlink is NOT offering any upgrade pricing if you have been a customer for more than 30 days prior to getting Ultra! If you got 7.0 even just 31 days ago or have been upgrading for years they don't care one bit, they will offer you nothing but full $99 price!! NO UPGRADES OFFERED!

They claim that Deluxe 7.0 and Ultra (Deluxe 7.1) are entirely different programs having nothing in common and that each has non-overlapping use! Nevermind that 7.1 actually does every last thing 7.0 does and there is zero need to own 7.0 if you have 7.1! Nevermind the original advertising for 7.0 could have led one to beleive that would have handled these formats without even any need for an upgrade.

What an unbelievable rip-off. I may return my Ultra for a refund (they better not claim no refunds for ultra) and wait on Intervideo (any word on when this will arrive, obviously didn't make CES). That would cost me as much in the end, but at least I wouldn't be letting Cyberlink rip me off (wanting me to pay essentially $170!).

Intervideo at least says they will offer $26 upgrade, which makes sense.

So just a word of warning. In fact, when Intervideo does release support, I believe it would be cheaper for a long time powerdvd user to start from scratch with intervideo even!
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