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Powered Speaker Opinions Sought

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I know it's not audiophile but I thought that some of the superior talents here may have some insight for me. I want to put a 2.1 set of powered speakers on my computer setup (and maybe TV). After 2 days of research, I am dizzy from all the speaker options available. Two pulled to the top: Corsair SP2500 and the Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 but after reviewing many Amazon (and others) feedback, I was appalled by their lack of long term reliability. Further on, I came upon the Swan and Kanto speakers, which both seem to have superior build qualities. They both seem to have excellent audio qualities but it is hard to find any reliability feedback on the Swans.
If anyone here has any thoughts/opinion on these speakers, I would be most grateful for them.
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They look nice with the wood effect finish and all but it doesn't look like many people here have taken a punt on them.

So maybe a rethink is in order?

What does seem to be very popular at the moment are genuine active (as opposed to powered) monitors made by the pro and semi pro manufacturers. JBL LSR, Mackie MR and Yamaha HS ranges are very popular worldwide. ADAM and EVE make slightly more expensive but better specified models. These last two appear disproportionally expensive in the USA but a company called Emotiva makes cheap copies which get good reviews (not heard them myself). Some people also like models from KRK and even M-Audio or Monoprice.

Sorry not to be able to offer advice on your preferred brand but the above really do seem to be a best bet for quality and value. A proper dealer network is worthwhile too just in case you do have issues.
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Take a look at Audioengine. There are a lot of good reviews for their desktop models.
I second the Audioengine recoomendation. I heard a set of their offerings last year at an audio show in Illinois and I think they are a good value for what they offer and you could certainly do worse
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