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Hey guys, Costa Rican newb here. I recently upgraded my Sony HTIB for a Denon 1912 and Martin Logan MLT-2's. I've been wondering if it would be worth adding an extra pair of MLT-2's to put as high surrounds and complete a 7.1 system, and thus sacrificing the powered 2 channel Zone#2. (I would do this if the difference is really noticeable/mind blowing). What are your thoughts and experiences?

If I were to discard the high surround option I'd like to connect those two channels to a speaker switch (like a cheap Niles SPS-4 with remote) and in the future I'd be able to use send audio to multiple rooms if possible. And here comes my question: I've heard it's cheaper to just buy impedance matched volume controls than the speaker switch because it would do both jobs. How does this work? How would I distribute cabling from 2 channels in the receiver to multiple rooms then? How can the 100watts p/channel coming from my receiver power up to 4 pairs of speakers without something going bad??? What are your recommendations? Experiences?

My final question is: If going with the multi-room setup, I'd like to buy speakers with the most bass (a pair to start off). I was looking at a review from the wirecutter.com where experts preferred the Outdoor speaker depot AP670. And I've also heard about Definite Technologies AW6500, but since I have to pay double the price due to shipping and taxes, my budget is at $200 or less for my first price. Al help and/or input is welcome. Thanks in advance!

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