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Powerstrip 3.0 questions!!!!!!

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I recently got a transcoder so that I can hook up my computer to my TV. I also got Powerstrip 3.0. My TV is a Toshiba HD ready but it is not a widescreen. My computer is a Pentium III 733 w/ 128mb and a Nvidia GeForce 2 GTS card.

I have no problem displaying 640 x 480 on my TV without the Power Strip but I was wondering how to use the powerstrip as it does not come with good instructions. What is the highest setting that I can use on Powerstrip that my TV will display? My TV accepts 1080i but when I mess with powerstrip on my monitor it looks all distorted so I don't want to try it on my TV until it looks decent on my computer. It actually looks tall and not wide which I did not expect.

Any and all comments or insight would be helpful at this time.
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One more thing...if it looks correct on my computer screen, then it should look good on the TV right? I messed around and used the predefined 640x480p HDTV on the Powerstrip and it looked worse than the 640x480 of the normal computer mode...why? When I tried it on my TV it looked even worse, the convergence looked off. When I went back to the normal computer mode it looked great on my TV, but I eventually want a higher resoulution (1080i, 540p).
I've had similar problems.

First, No, getting it to look right on your monitor has no relation to making it look right on your HDTV. They're separate displays and have separate timing parameters.

I haven't been able to get 1080i to sync and display on my HDTV (a widescreen Sony 34XBR2) but I have succeeding in getting 720p (1280x720) to sync. The problem _I_ have is that it massively overscans, i.e. I can't see the top, bottom, left or right edges. I'm starting to think that my external component inputs do not accept higher than 480p.

- Tony
Try reading through the Meta-Faq .

I have a Radeon, so I'm not sure how well Geforce2 does interlacing. I would suggest you get the your HDTV set's horizontal scanrate/vertical scanrate for each mode (480p, 1080i) out of your manual, learn what you can from the meta-faq, and then try to create custom resolutions and timings your TV will accept. Regardless of the res you use, your timings must match the format required by your TV. Good luck.
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