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Powerstrip: 848x480 50hz

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Hi, I want to make a good res for my PJ and I need some help please...

The PJ native res is 858x484 but as I read in the forums that res cannot be done, so I want to make a res as near as possible.

Anyway, when I make either a 848x480 or a 856x480 res in powerstrip the projector wont accept it. Some time it shows 720x570 sometimes 640x480.

I dont have any specific timings for my PJ so im lost.

Please, can some one help me.

My system:


Catalyst 3.10

Radeon IGP 320.

The specs for my PJ are (Philips garbo)

Multi scan, VGA-SXGA

Horizontal scanrate 15-108kHz

Vertical refreshrate 50-120Hz

Bandwidth 140MHz

Someone there with some tips?

(sorry for the bad english)
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