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Still very new at HTPC, just finished getting almost everything working, but have a couple of questions and was hoping some of you experts can answer them. I have a Panasonic 36HX41 Flat tube 4:3 HDTV and I'm using SageTV/PVR-250 and a MyHD card. First question, since SageTV does not support MyHD is it possible to run both apps (Sage and MyHD) at the same time? When I do MyHD displays a snow screen but Sage continues to work. Maybe this is not possible but I'd really like to be able to record HD shows while watching or recording something in SageTV.

Next question, I have Powerstrip setup with 856x480 (cliff notes from digitalconnection.com) and it works fine but if I change to 640x480 (same param. as cliff notes) I get a square desktop in the middle of my TV. If I switch to windows default timings I get overscan! What would be the proper resolution/param. for a 4:3 HDTV? I'd like to use the full screen without overscan or underscan, something similar to 640x480 so I can see my desktop a little better. 856x480 is widescreen, and isn't too bad, but I prefer to use the full screen for my desktop. Also, what would the best resolution be for DVD playback?

Here's what's in my HTPC:

Antec Case PLUS1080AMG

MSI 865PE Neo2 -FIS2R

P4 2.4C

1GB DDR 3200

Radeon 9600 PRO



2 WD HD, 120 and 200

Logitech MX Duo

XP Pro



Thanks in advance for any help/advice.

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