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I've encountered an odd phenomenon.


Barton 2500+ (@ 3200+)

Abit NF7-S

1G memory

Windows XP

Radeon 9500 (not overclocked or modded)

If I install powerstrip on my HTPC, I start to get texture corruption (seen mostly in the 3DMark01 benchmark, but also in other 3D games, black squares pop up on objects).

Luckily I have a restore point before all the installations, so I can go back and try different things. When I start from the system restore, the textures seem fine. So far, I've tried Cat 3.7 and 3.5. The benchmark looks fine before powerstrip, then after I install powerstrip and add a few custom resolutions, I start to get the corruptions.

I'm gonna try Cat 3.4, but I was wondering if anyone else has seen this or has any other ideas. I don't think it's a matter of the Radeon getting hot as I only see this after I install powerstrip.


1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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