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Ok, I have been looking around on these forums for about a week not trying to get a better understand of powerstrip. However, I am having no luck with removing the overscan that I am seeing.

There are other guides on the web that I have checked out but all of their solutions dont seem to apply to my computer and TV. Nothing I seem to do even gets me close to getting rid of the overscan. At best, I have been able to move the screen left or right, up or down but not change the actual size.

The resolution I want to end up with would be close to 1280x720.

My drivers (v78.11) are the latest my laptop seems to like. I have tried many other drivers but I either get blue screens or just really slow performance.

My laptop specs are as follows:

XPS Gen 2

GeForce Go 6800 Ultra (Laptopvideo2Go Drivers v78.11)

Intel PM 2.0Ghz (Drivers are up-to-date as far as from Dell)

2 Gig Ram

100 GB 7200 Rpm

17" WUXGA+ Glossy Screen

Windows XP SP2 (Keep it up-to-date daily)

Thanks ahead of time for any and all help!

Edit : Incase it matters, the main reason I want to get rid of the overscan is because of World of Warcraft. Any other games I play would just be on laptop and not the TV.

Edit 2: Almost forgot another thing to mention. Am connected using a DVI to HDMI cable.
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