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I can't believe I missed this release:

07/12/2008 - 3.80.626

- Exposed GF8/9 advanced timing options

- Added preliminary HD4xxx support

- Improved multimonitor hotkey support

- Added timing search engine

- Enhanced CLUT protection

- Added additional hotkey mechanisms

08/12/2008 - 3.81.630

- Maintenance release

08/28/2008 - 3.82.632

- Maintenance release

09/17/2008 - 3.83.635

- Removed CLUT protection due to AV false positives

- Raised NV50 max pclk to 400MHz

- Changed pre-Vista default hotkey mechanism

11/18/2008 - 3.84.640

- Added additional LUT locking switch

- Extended HD4xxx support

- Fixed NV50 I2C bug

- Added additional HD4xxx support

- Corrected GF9300 reference clock

Back in April 2008 I rebuilt my machine for Bluray with a 9600GT and powerstrip custom resolutions did not work. I basically got my system up and running using the nVidia control panel, which was a PITA. I threw Powerstrip under a rock and never looked back, even posting here many times that it doesn't work with 8/9 series cards. Well, come to find out they got it working almost six months ago! So I just installed the latest Powerstrip and custom timings is no longer grayed out on my 9600GT! I can't wait to start tweaking... Latest version is now v3.84 b640

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Ah, interesting. So maybe we can get back to the automatic switching of refresh rates based on the source material?
I'll have to check it out, like you I had stopped paying attention because it sounded like they would never have this available.
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