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Just took possession of my new AVS HTPC, and it'as a beaut, but all is not well in HT land. While the picture through my Piano 3100 is stunning, it won't fill my screen. Attempts to rectify this with Powerstrip manipulation resulted in several instances of completely locking up the HTPC as well as locking the PJ. Blue screens, hot lamps, nervous owner.

My unit was shipped with a Radeon 7000 that did not have a DVI out, so Brian at AVS promptly shipped me a 7500. No complaints there. Popped it in in about 2 minutes, no problem, instant picture, great PQ. It was at this point things started to go south. Any attempt to change screen width or height with PS either locked the PC to the point where it could not be reset and had to be shut down hot, or locked the PJ in the same way, could not change input or mode, could not turn the lamp off, has to pop it off hot for a second to reset it.

While awaiting Brian's reply to my email with a similar plea for help, any advise from a Powerstrip pro would be appreciated. I'm a complete rookie with both HTPC and Powerstrip, and I'm hopefully missing something obvious. Maybe a little box left unchecked or something.

My setup: Radeon 7500 DVI, Piano 3100, BetterCable DVI cable.


Jim S.
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