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I have been trying to get this PowerStrip to give me a good, high choice of resolution for my Hitachi ultravision 36" TV. I figured out right away that I do not know what the settings in PowerStrip are for?

Anyway, I my HTPC hooked to the Hitachi via component (via an RGB to Component transducer) and so far all the the "default" resolutions in PowerStrip either do not work at all (won't change to it) or they over/underscan the TV so bad they don't work. I have settled on 720x480 as it seems to be the closest.

So, has anyone already gone through this and came up with the correct settings? If not, does anyone know what the "recommended" resolution would be for this setup? Ie. 1920x1080, 1440x1080, 1440x960, etc?


TV- Hitachi Ultravision Digital HDTV Capable (36UDX10S)

Video Card - ATI Radeon 7500 AIW

Power Strip Version - 3.15 Build 2.68

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