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Powerstrip settings for AE900U

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Does anybody have the Powerstrip timing parameters for the Panasonic PT-AE900U. I'm running the latest version of Powerstrip and the latest Catalyst driver for ATI All-in-wonder 9000. I've tried all possible settings using Powerstrip through DVI-HDMI output. Nothing shows up on the projector.
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Why not just use the catalyst HDTV support setting that forces 720P output which is the native res for the AE900?
You don't need Powerstrip.

Use the free Rade3D Tweak utility at

Install this, and turn on 1280x720 in the Rage3D control panel in Display Properties or the systray icon.

Reboot, and 1280x720 should appear as a selectable resolution in your ATI systray Resolutions menu or the stock Windows Display Resolutions systray app or Display Properties.

Select 60 HZ for refresh and you should be all set.

On the AE900, use the Auto set function to make the AE900 analyze the incoming signal and 1:1 map if needed on the VGA analog port. This is not needed on the HDMI port- the AE700/900 should auto 1:1 map 1280x720 60Hz on the HDMI port. Both will crop a few rows of pixels on the top and bottom via HDMI- this is normal on these projectors.

See the AE700 and AE900 long tweak threads in the projector forums.
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