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Powerstrip settings for BARCO 1209s - 1080p

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I use a HTPC with powerstrip to view 1080p on my BARCO 1209s.

What are the best setting of powerstrip for 1080p?

I use 1920 x 1080 @ 72 Hz (picture below) but sometimes I have problems with the stability.

Sometimes the BARCO goes to bank 4, but there the bank is empty.

I think it could be a problem with powerstrip...

Thanks for help!

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Search out the VESA GTF spreadsheet. (This should have been a sticky 10 years ago, but I've never seen this mentioned anywhere on AVS.)
Add more back porch pixels, it sounds like you are on the border of two memory blocks in the barco.

Get it a bit further away from 80khz.
@ Mark_A_W: thank you for your advice! Now I have modified my powerstrip setting to 79,914 kHz. Is that right?

I will try this the next days...
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It works for few weeks, but now I have the same problem again!!!!

My powerstrip setting is still at 79,914 kHz.

But my BARCO select always a empty memory bank...

Has anybody a idea?

Pleas help me...
I would try to chance vertical sync to negative.

Also 71.928 Hz vertical refresh rate could give smoother pans.
Yes, that is a coincidence.

Is that 79.914 Khz scanrate? Or 79.914hz vertical refresh rate?
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