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hi , ~~hi, am have,, Mede8er, through which I look at the movies and bd iso and blue rey, am Mede8er used for the sound optical, optical hook up Pioneer VSX 923 (tv optical) from the Mede8er video hook up hdmi to tv, and I have a problem with sound like watching a movie 5.1 dts I'm fine with the sound, but as the film shows 5.1 dts hd master audio, my Pioneer VSX 923 shows only 2.1 speakers, here is the problem of optical cabel? or prablem VSX 923? so that the VSX 923 is only suport for optical tv (optical)? meybeVSX 923 optical tv in, not suported 5.1 DTS HD Master Audio? only max. 5.1 dts?

.if am used for mede8er hdmi cabel for pioneer BD in video and saund ( not used optical) , same movies my pioneer show ok saund 5.1 dts hd master audio , if am used optical for mede8er to pioneer show 2.1 .

Help ~~why my pioneer via optical audio-only shows 2.1 .

~~as I think through the optical sound is better , than hdmi .

~~how do I decide the problem .
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