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Pre-College Setup

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To start off here are pictures of the room as a whole:

The entire system, that's a 50" Mitsubishi screen, camera didn't capture it very well since I didn't bother to take out a tripod

Harman Kardon AVR 335

Two Paradigm Studio 60's

SVS 25-31 PC+ (both port plugs installed so it should be hitting 16Hz)

For those who care, I'm a senior in high school right now and this is a room in our basement that we finished on our own actually and so that's why it might not seen like it was professionally done and the trim still needs some finishing touches. The TV looks better in person, camera doesn't capture it very well.

This setup is really used more for audio than anything else and so for a large portion of the time I'm running it on a 2.0 setup. Certain forms of music like techno and those with pipe organs and such I'll have it running with the subwoofer. Movies of course are run with the subwoofer however it's definitely lacking a center channel, I'll get the CC-470 once I stash away some more money for college, I can live without the rear channels since those two speakers alone will come close to $800 as a rough estimate.
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If the first 4 images are too wide let me know, I'm on a 1280x1024 resolution so it looks fine but if it's an issue for others I can go ahead and downsize them, not an issue at all, just let me know. :)
looks nice, but you must have a lot of echo in that room.
Originally Posted by teckademic
looks nice, but you must have a lot of echo in that room.
Actually, none that I can notice. If it matters, I have concrete behind 3 of the 4 walls and concrete directly below the laminate flooring.
Originally Posted by teckademic
looks nice, but you must have a lot of echo in that room.
i was thinking the same thing.

have you done any measuring of ringing and FR of your room?

i too am a senior HS student, so i too, am on a very tight budget. room treatment will get you the best bang for your buck in terms of sound improvements.

a couple cheap things to do

definately get a thick rug

stuff as much "pinkstuff" inside you box springs (helped me out a lot)

treat 1st points of reflection

PEQ your sub and you should be able to run it for all your music and still have a very nice FR curve, but it wont help with your ringing

you should post here


im in there

p.s. think about putting cheap surround speakers for a tempo setup, it will make a HUGE difference in your theater experience, you can make some or buy some at very reasonable prices and sell them later on or using them in your garage or something.
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I moved the desk back and have a futon in front, where would you recommend placing a rug? Also, for the first points of reflection, since my speakers aren't slanted at all, would that be on the other side of the room?
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