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Pre-existing Bulit-In Speaker Question

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Hope this is the right forum. Moved into home with 8 built in speakers. 6 in the ceiling and 2 on each side of TV. All wires lead to a closet where A/V equipment had been removed. I want to connect primarily for streaming music but connecting my 70” TV for a “home theater” experience would be a plus.
Ive identified the wires/each speaker. What additional equipment would I need with this basic info? Do I require a 9.2 receiver because I have 8 speakers? If so, recommendations for a brand/model for a non-audiophile?
Thank you
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You need an AVR that will do the # of channels you want:5.1, 5.2.2, 7.1, etc. And you'll want a sub (or two).
  • What's your budget (per component or total)?
  • How big is your space (l x w x h; sealed, or open to other spaces)?
  • What are your bass expectations (decent bass / solid HT bass / earth-shaking, chest-slamming bass)?
You'll need a center channel speaker, at minimum. That said, you need to understand what type of speakers you have, so remove one in the wall and one in the ceiling and see what brand and model they are. That will decide the associated equipment.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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