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Howdy, I decided to start a new thread as some of my questions have changed and I didn't want to hijack someone else's thread. SO I currently have a Sony 1251 CRT PJ and I thinks it's about done and it's not providing a good picture any more, so I'm moving on to a digital PJ. Originally I wanted to stay in the $1000 range but it seems as though the Optoma HD70 and Mits HD1000U won't fit in my situation. SO first question:

How do I calculate where the PJ need to go? Because besides Mits, the calculators on manufacturer's website only tell distance not height. I have a 110" 16x9 normal white screen (I don't know the gain). My ceiling is 98" (8' 2") and the top part of the screen (the white part) is at 88" from the floor (8" from the ceiling) and I can go back pretty far. Most calculators say the screen is too high and needs to be moved down 10" which is not possible. Any suggestions??

Second question how does the Sanyo Z5 or Z4 for that matter compare to the HD70 or HD1000U? I'm willing to spend the extra $500 for a 3 chip projector with better contrast? Thanks for the help.

P.S. After reading some other posts I noticed the costco sale on Sharp DT-500, how's this?
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