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I have spent a good amount of time making decisions and reading what others have to say about various components of a HT setup. Therefore, I want to post my preliminary setup so I can get opinions, etc and therefore research and learn more about possible better components for my setup. Please make suggestions about possibly better components, etc. Thank you and I appreciate everyone's help to get me this far.

I have posted the price I can get each component so that you can make decisions on possible better or more suitable equipment

Diva Swans 7.1 Speaker Setup $4191

Toshiba HDTV (65HX81)$2964

Onkyo Receiver (TX-DS989)$1999

JVC D-VHS Player/Recorder (HMDH30000)$1780

Toshiba HD Receiver (DST-3000)$544

Panasonic DVD Video/Audio Player (DVD-RP91)$430

Dish Network 500 HD-Satellite Receiver (Model 6000)$429

Winegard UHF/VHF Antenna (HD8200)$166

Winegard Preamp (AP-8275)$78

This entire system costs close to $13,000 (for reference purposes). Thanks again,

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