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Hello ALL,

Okay i would like to experiment and upgrade the opamps.

I want something that's gonna give me the most crystal clear sound & clean sound with the best bass. I hope it will have delicate highs with a deep bottom end bass and good separation of instruments and brings the vocals a little forward so they are not so recessed behind the instruments i guess. I am not audiophile but i am learning

the AD797AR op amp its a preamp ,Analog Device's AD797 is a very low noise, low distortion operational amplifier ideal for use as a preamplifier. You can enjoy more enriched sound with elastic lows and delicate highs.

OPA637 the powerful and high-resolution sound which would complement rock or vocal music ,

AD8620BR Analog Device's 8620BR provides amplified sound which you would hear in a large open theater, with superb resolution and improvement on both high & low frequencies.

Texas Instrument's OPA627 provides well-balanced and smooth sound performance. Compared to the current OPAMPs (LM4562, OPA2134), the OPA627 gives a soft, rich and refined sound that is easy to the ear. OPA627 offers relatively deeper sound with more gravity, with more bass sound, which is suitable for the classic-music type.

I mostly use headphones darthbeyer ftw....


current- beyer dt990 rare Bolivian rosewood v3 darth beyers

headphones ive tried darthbeyers,dennon2k,hd600,dt770/80ohm,hd280pro.

xfi extreme music card & X-FI PRELUDE logitechz5500 with pc as source.

music in order rock,electronic,everything else except country.
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