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Hello together,

I am currently looking for a decent entry-level home theater system. After spending countless hours in this forum, online-shops and researching reviews I concluded I will focus on a speaker system and purchase a matching receiver separately. I would be glad to hear some opinions about these two speaker systems in comparison.
  1. Premier Acoustic Monitor 4.0 Home Theater System (MSRP $999)
  2. Energy Take Classic (MSRP $599)

(Sorry, I'm not allowed to post links yet...)

My requirements:
  • A 5.1 system should be sufficient.
  • Price limit for speakers intended around 400.
  • Preferably small satellites (space limitations). I am aware of the disadvantages of the small speakers, but am trying to find a system which reduces them to a minimum.
  • I hope to find something that does not introduce a lot of its own sound to what I hear. Basically, I do not want any plastic screamers. However, I also felt like the current Onkyo & Yamaha HT systems (Receveier + Speaker Set) from $400-800 did not offer what I am looking for. It is obvious, that I cannot expect miracles at this price range & size, but the Energy Take 5 Classic Set shows it is possible.
  • For now, the system will be used in a fairly small room (around 10x11x8), which is open on one side to kitchen/dining area. In the future, I consider upgrading to 7.1, but most likely move the whole setup to a bedroom (and restart for a 7.1 setup).
  • The system will be used for Movies, TV, PS3, & Music (not at Party volumes).

The set that appeared to most likely fulfill my requirements is the Energy Take 5 Classic. However, it is hard to find it close to my budget (list $599). Thus, I went through many online shops to find something comparable at a lower price (or the Energy set, of course). I got fairly excited as I found the Premier Acoustic Monitor 4.0 System for $399 plus around $50 s/h. There seem to be advantages to either system. So far, I was only able to find countless positive reviews etc. and a setup to actually experience the system for the Energy's. If anyone here can give input about the apparently new "Premier Acoustic Monitor 4.0 Home Theater System", that would help me a lot: Reviews, Experience, Opinions, Info about the manufacturer/quality in general, or anything else.

This is, what I see as advantages for both:
  • small speakers
  • MDF instead of plastic
  • tweeter in all satellites

Pros for Energy Take 5 Classic:
  • Tons of positive reviews & recommendations
  • look better/cleaner (my opinion)
  • Could hear them and liked them

Pros for Premier Acoustic Monitor 4.0 System:
  • Bigger satellites & drivers (4" vs. 3") than Energy
  • Bigger & more powerful sub (10" 500W vs. 8" 200W)
  • The PA appears as the better compromise in size to reduce disadvantages of a satellite setup. Judging by the numbers they should deliver a little more punch than the Energy's and should be better at filling the room with sound. I would prefer the more powerful set over the better looking one, if the sound quality in general is comparable.

A long introduction, but I wanted to make it easy for others to see what information I do and don't have. Particularly, anything about PA sound/quality in general and about the specific set is what I am missing.

Thanks a lot!

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Unfortunately, no one has answered yet, but there's something I would like to add:

I found the "EMP HTP-351 5.1 Speaker System" for under $500 (on audioholics.com). The speakers are larger (I'm slowly moving to the bookshelf speakers), but still compact. They go all the way down to almost 60 Hz, which is a great improvement over the other two systems (somewhere around 100-120 Hz).

Does anyone know something about this system or the PA Monitor 4.0?

I found a review here in the forum, but maybe someone can give me an opinion about how the systems compare.


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Ok. I pulled the trigger on the EMP HTP 351 5.1 set without hearing it before (I know that's not the best way to buy speakers...). I could not resist after reading opinions and comparing prices. It just seems more like the system I was looking for and I did not want to miss out on the special holiday sale for $489 & with free shipping (which is about to end anytime soon, similar sales on EMP sets are already unavailable). The list price is around $1300 and it was on sale before for around $800.

Let's hope I won't be disappointed. Though nobody participated so far, I hope this thread helps others with similar questions. I would still be glad to hear opinions.

I will post my opinion on the EMP set when I got everything up & running. First I need to go & find a good deal on a receiver...


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Good choice ;-)

I am very happy with the system so far. Using it with a Marantz 4002 ($300 new) and a PS3. While at the moment it is set up in a small room, I am convinced it has more than enough power for a medium sized room. I am still waiting for my speaker stands to bring the fronts & rears to the right height.

Since I would not describe myself as audiophile, I cannot really give an "expert" review. However, I am critical and convinced to have made the right choice. After breaking in the system, there was a felt improvement in the balance of the sound throughout the frequencies... Particularly the stereo mode (plus sub) with music surprised me positively. Sound with movies is what I hoped for. Don't have a real comparison, though...

Used the auto-setup and had no problems. What I changed though is that the Marantz sets the front & rear speakers as large, so I changed that to small and set the crossover at 80khz (was it khz?)

Overall I am very happy with the purchase. For the price ($489 & free shipping) it is a great 5.1 package.

EDIT: One important thing to add is the fact that this system is much bigger than the Energy Take Classic. It can not really compete in size, but I figured I prefer the better sound and more volume.

Since the bookshelf sized speakers require some adjustments to my setup (i.e. stands), I will add some more impressions when I got everything in the right place...

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