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I would appreciate some feed back on the question of buying 4 CinemaTech theater seats that have been sitting in a dealers store display in a large home theater room.

The seats have been on display for 6 years and of course there are some barely noticable scratches but no rips or tears.

The group consists of 2 end seats and 2 middle love seats.

These are full plush leather with electric tilt and warranty.

according to his book they originally listed for $4000/chair.

He wants to dump them for $4000.00 for all 4 because there is just no demand for this level of seating anymore.

So the question remains are 6 year old demos worth this price?

I realize there is no posting of lower than MLPs but these are 6 year old demos.

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Which dealer?

They probably haven't seen hardly any use, and 4k for the whole setup is a great price, assuming the dealer will support the warranty claims you may have in the future.

I ask about the dealer, because if it's the one I know personally, I can at least vouch a little for the environment/treatment over the 6 years.

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