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Originally Posted by chrisk76 /forum/post/9505493

Is there any PVR software for PC that enables the use of the 'red button' for interactive tv (except for DigiTV)?

Not seen it mentioned on MCE, SageTV, Beyond etc

That's because 'Red Button' interactive TV is pretty much unique to the UK (and this is a pretty US-centric forum)

Windows 7 Media Centre supports MHEG5 Digital Text (which is the UK standard for digital text OTA) on DVB-T/T2 in the UK, and the "Press Red" stuff works very well in 7MC. There is a hack for DVB-S MHEG5 support (Freesat uses MHEG5 as well, though Sky use their own Open... system - the BBC use both on satellite so that viewers on both platforms have access), but it's not perfect (which is presumably why it's not enabled)

I think MythTV may have an implementation as well. Hauppauge had some stuff in their earlier TV apps, but I only really have experience of 7MC.

The DVB support in Windows 7 Media Center is pretty good. Full support of DVB Subtitles, Teletext (for non-UK users where World Systems Text is used for CEEFAX-style services and subtitles still), MHEG5 Digital Text (for BBC Digital Text and Press Red services), MP2/AC3/AAC audio, MPEG2 and H264 video etc.

Don't think that Sage or Beyond have support for MHEG5 though - as it's a pretty unique UK requirement (though possibly NZ, Ireland and South Africa are also using it?)
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