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Prewiring Help

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I’m in the process of building a new home and dedicating one spare bedroom into a theater/game room. I’ve asked to lengthen the room by 6’ to make a rectangle 19’ L X 12’ W X 10’ H (any comments on size would be appreciated as well). After reading many articles I have accepted it will not be the ideal sound proof room, but it will be ok for my need.

My largest hurdle that I really have no knowledge on is the prewiring. The envision for this room is having the equipment in the closet and having prewiring for the front of the room for two Def Tech 9080X with up firing atmos, 2 Supercube 8000 and a center 9080. My setup now uses a Panamax to plug my devices into, but the Panamax and receiver would be in the closet…? I’m told a 20A breaker should be used for the receiver and subs?

Also, I use the Xbox Series X for gaming and apps, but putting it in a closet, plugged into my receiver, would not allow my controller to connect. What would any of you suggest for the easiest, cleanest, and most function wiring and placement.

Side not- I will have four bipolar speakers on the side of the room and rear, but that should be straight forward. I would also like to have a projector on the ceiling.

Thank you for any help!

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