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Price drop rumor?

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I have seen this on a few other sites, but I am not sure how credible it is:

Has anyone heard about the rumored Jan 28th $100 price drop?

People claim the 40G model will be reduced to $299, and some sort of price drop for the 80G too. The stories say it is due to 40G overstock, and as a marketing push for a burst of new titles.

It seems to me that is a weird time of year for such a drastic drop, but who knows.
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I can't imagine that they'd drop it another $100 right after they dropped it before the holidays. It would be another iPhone uproar.
Then again, since I already have one, I'd like to see them drop it anyway to boost sales and apply more pressure to M$.
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Just wondering.... I didn't follow it much, but was there any kind of backlash from current owners on the last price drop? I was one of those folks who bought a 20GB at launch for $500 (plus the $60 rip-off Gamestop Warranty). Learned a lesson on that one. Oh well.... l'm happy with it.
Why it might happen:

- Sony wants to hit 11 million PS3s sold by 3/31, and only a price cut at this point will get them there.

- Manufacturing costs are no longer more than the sales price. Sony may go back to selling at a loss to gain market share.

- If the competition cuts prices as rumored, the PS3 price will continue to be close if not equal.

- A white PS3 has been recently approved and the biggest exclusive franchise release (MGS4) is coming soon. Lowering the price with either (or both) of these promotion-friendly items being advertised would have the strongest sales impact here in the off-season for console sales.

- Rumors suggest that Warner went 100% Blu on the condition that the world's most popular and affordable quality Blu-ray player (the PS3) reduce it's price to capitalize on the slow demise of HD-DVD.

- Price continues to be the primary reason fence-sitters have not gotten a PS3 who otherwise would have already. The faster the price comes down, the more consumers will take a high interest.

Why it might NOT happen:

- Sony may want the cost savings of the cheaper-to-make PS3s to go towards profits instead of price savings.

- Timing may be too close to the most recent price drop in November.

- A Sony exec has stated that they have no plans to cut the price when asked about the rumor.

- No "legit" news source has independently stated that their sources say the rumor is true.

- Internet rumors from random sites are often off... way off
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