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Hi Folks

Respected French Hi-Fi company Primare has released its 3rd DVD player, the V25. It comes with a simple handset hack to give multi-region playback with "proper" PAL progressive! It also has XVGA output that can send Progressive RGB as well as component. The digital deviation (Jitter) for PCM playback is only 149 ps which should result in accurate CD playback. In fact Primare clams that it's equal to a stand alone CD player in the same price bracket of £1000 (about $1500 USD)!! What TV and Video magazine said it was a very good machine, but claimed it was a little overpriced. They did not however commented on its CD performance or in my opinion gave Primare enough credit for the VGA output. They did however say the PAL prog was excellent with the SIM2 HT300!

If anyone has seen and heard this baby let us know? Does anyone know if it has the chroma bug?

Cheers Kane

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Well, I believe that Primare actually is Swedish. ;)

Homepage: http://www.primaresystems.com (no info yet on the new player though, but it has the same design as the V20 player...)

But luckily I got a pdf file about the new V25 DVD player: (send me a message if you want the pdf)

The V25 DVD-player from Primare Systems is the latest of a new generation

of Primare products to be released by the design team led by Mike

Bladelius. Their success in delivering the finest audio reproduction through

the application of state-of-the-art manufacturing and design techniques

has now been matched in the video domain.

The Primare V25 is a new high-performance DVD-player with progressive

scan. Especially significant, and epitomising Primare’s careful approach to

design, the V25 provides the ability to choose between “component out

with progressive scanâ€, “component out without progressive scan†and

“X-VGA out with progressive scanâ€.

In this way the “future-proofed†V25 will deliver the full potential of either

format, irrespective of the availability of compatible TV sets. Naturally, all

other formats are supported including S-VHS and RGB through Scart and

composite. Progressive scan is provided both in NTSC-mode and in PALmode

for ultimate on-board versatility.

Aesthetics are essentially Primare: cool, sleek and sophisticated, matching

all current and future Primare designs, and any interior, however chic. In

all, the superior V25 advances the art of video reproduction in a style that

Primare has made its own.


Video signal systems NTSC/PAL, color

Horizontal resolution

normal mode > 500 lines

Progressive Scan mode 480P standard output

31 kHz scan frequence

Video output 1 Vp-p, 75 Ω RCA

S-Video Y-signal 1 Vp-p, 75 Ω

C-signal 0.286 Vp-p, 75 Ω

Component video output Y= 1Vp-p, B= 0.7Vp-p,

R=0.7Vp-p (75 Ω )

RGB output 1Vp-p (75 Ω )

Video signal-to-noise -75 dB

Video DAC 10 BIT


Frequency response 44.1 kHz, 10 Hz – 20 kHz

48 kHz, 10 Hz – 22 kHz

96 kHz, 10 Hz – 44 kHz


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Hi folks.

For a small "review" about the v25 read my post about Denon DVD2800, 3800, Tosh SD220E to InFocus.......

At the bottom of the page i supplied a small comparison chart where i have compared a few models with th v25 and the v10.

Can only say like this - the v25 ROCKS both in pic and sound allthough as u say it´s quite pricey and not easy to get hold of in usual shops.



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I got a little more information about this player:

Transport: DVS Corporation

MPEG decoder: ZiVa 3 (C-Cube) - weird choice, chroma bug, Meridian uses this too

De-interlacer: NV220 (NDSP Corp) 10bit - very rare, some chinese players use this

Video buffer: SH491 (ST Micro)

Video DAC: AD7175 (Analog Devices) - 10bit YUV/RGB/CVBS with 2x oversample

Audio receiver: CS8414 (Crystal) - 96kHz part, considered quite good

Audio DACs: PCM1716 (Burr-Brown) - 96/24 delta-sigma considered good

Audio amps: OPA2134 (Burr-brown) + discrete output stage

Odd choice of parts IMHO on the video side. The proof is in in the pudding though.

It would be really interesting to hear comments from anyone who actually has had the time to put this player properly through its paces.


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